Can you break an ancestral curse?

Paul Douglass. High-tech exec. And siren hunter. But he doesn’t know that…yet. His father never told him about the curse.

He’s thrilled when Lorelei promises to sell his company. He can finally exit this crazy corporate gig and sail away with his wife and son. Just a few complications.

One, Lorelei and her friends love to party like the rich and famous. So does Paul.

Two, she’s a mermaid shapeshifter. Her siren song lured Paul’s ancestors to self-destruction.

And three, he’s haunted by a sailor she killed. This guy’s in love with her, and he’s pissed. The sailor wants to take Lorelei out…after he makes love with her one more time.

Lorelei will do whatever it takes to seduce Paul and take him out. She’s a siren. It’s what she does.

Paul must choose. Surrender to desire and become siren bait? Or accept his siren hunter legacy and destroy Lorelei before she destroys him?

Book 1 of Siren Hunter: The Experience introduces the last surviving sirens, their familiars, and the humans cursed with hunting them. If sirens and mermaids speak to your soul, you won’t be able to it put down.

Surrender to the siren’s song. You know you want to. Buy Siren Hunter: The Curse now.