If you were hunted to the brink of extinction, wouldn’t you be pissed off?

Leucosia. Genetically modified super soldier. And siren-human hybrid. But she doesn’t know that…yet. Her mother never told her about mating with a man.

She’s thrilled when the potential mothers arrive on the island. They can finally use the technology from Atlantis to resurrect the Sirenian race. Just a few complications.

One, Laura Douglass is the siren hunter her husband never was. She has friends.

Two, the potentials include a bunch of Club Hoes. Leucosia must cull the herd.

And three, that deal Lorelei made with the cartel turned out to be a bad idea. The cartel wants to enslave the sirens.

The siren hunters will do whatever it takes to extinct the sirens. Only Paul wants to negotiate a peace treaty.

Leucosia must choose. Surrender to vengeance and risk becoming extinct? Or accept Paul’s offer before the cartel destroys her dream of resurrection?

In Book 2 of Siren Hunter: The Experience, siren potentials from around the world answer the call to resurrect the Sirenian race. A small band of siren hunters must stop the sirens before they grow their ranks and sing the global call to self-destruction to end humanity.

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