Are you a siren hunter or a siren lover?

Lorelei. Sirenian spirit. Mother and prophetess of New Sirenia. For the first time in centuries, she has a body of her own. No one forewarned her about the nightmare of being a human-siren hybrid.

She’s thrilled when they find the forbidden island. They can finally rejoin the original Sirenians to regenerate their race.
Just a few complications.

One, her son longs for his father. She must call Paul Douglass back into their lives.

Two, Laura Douglass is a social media microcelebrity. She has followers.

And three, Lorelei and Leucosia forgot the originals are peaceful and loving. They must forgive genocide to rejoin their sisters. But that won’t help them when the cartel shows up again to enslave the sirens.

The siren hybrids need help from Paul and Laura to protect the originals. They all must choose. Surrender to past wounds and become slaves? Or join forces before the cartel destroys the siren’s last chance to regenerate?